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Ground Transportation

On the arrival end of your trip, if you're flying into an unfamiliar or new airport, give some thought to ground transportation. "I'll meet you at the airport" is often a welcome gesture from the host in your destination city, and is probably the best solution when you're arriving at a new airport. If that isn't possible, every town has a taxi service, but you probably won't find a line of yellow cabs waiting for the crowd at the airport. There isn't a crowd—that's the point. If one taxi will do the trick, a simple advance call from the air can usually coordinate a timely hand-off on the ground. A radio call from the air can save you time on the ground.

The larger national limousine services have central reservation numbers, and like charter aircraft, they too can be positioned for the job. If you're traveling as a group, a limo might be best way to make a luxurious virtue of necessity and get everyone to the final destination in one vehicle. At metropolitan airports, the major national car rental companies usually provide shuttle services between general aviation terminals and the main car rental facility. Often your FBO can have cars brought to the terminal, but you should try to make your request in advance and coordinate it through your operator.


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