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Air Charter Agency.com - worldwide Aircraft Charter, Business Jets, Corporate Jets, Airplane Charter
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Frequently Asked Questions 

What aircraft types do you have? We do not own aircraft, we broker aircraft owned by our preferred operators.
As aircharter brokers, we offer all kinds of aircraft types for all kinds of flights. Small or large.
We are completely independent. This guarantees that we only use local based ops to suit your itinerary and quotations are supplied immediately using superior equipment available at time of traveling.

What safety standards do you or your partners have?
Any equipment we use is certified and fulfills any of the requirements for safety set forth by the Civil Aviation Authorities, CAA, althogh most of the operators we utilise have their own, harder safety regulations. Peace of mind can guaranteed

What is applicable as to insurance? All aircrafts we offer to clients have, and must have, sufficient insurance coverage according to govenmental regulations. However, it is always advisable to have an individual travel insurance as on any other trip.

What are my benefits to charter an aircraft? A hard question to answer in few words. There are many parameters one has to take into account, not only the actual price for the flight.
For instance:

  • Timesaving; when chartering you decide the schedule - thats also the main advantage for most travellers.
  • Saved hotel costs and other expenses.
  • Flexibility, extra Safety, total peace of mind that you are in professional hands
  • Large groups are hard to fit on scheduled flights, a charter carry them all.
Every request is handled individually, and the conditions of each request are taken into consideration.

Are tickets needed? Almost never. When chartering a smaller aircraft we only need the passenger names a couple of days prior to departure.
When chartering a large aircraft, some airlines we use require individual tickets or a group ticket, but most airlines require only a passenger manifest.

Can one change schedule after a booking has been made? Yes! Flexibility is a key word, especially when chartering smaller business aircraft.

Are all quotations free of charge? Yes! A quotation from us is always free of charge!

Could we charter an aircraft abroad? Yes! We work globally, and through our vast network of contacts we can offer chartered aircraft all over the world.

Do you take any pets on your aircrafts? As there are some carriers who does not allow pets onboard we advise upon request if it is possible in the particular situation.
However we your 'little or even big friends' are very welcome and we take care of pets as we would with other passengers. Enquire with us for more details!

Please feel free to contact us for any further questions or concerns you may have in regards private aircraft charter. Send an email to


We hope to hear from you real soon!


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