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Choosing an Operator

Many criteria apply to the selection of the right charter operator.

When talking to a prospective operator, quiz him thoroughly. Charter operators, like other specialists, are sometimes guilty of obscuring conversation with jargon. We have provided a glossary of terms to assist, but don't hesitate to ask for clarification. Any good charter operator will appreciate the opportunity to go through a prospective itinerary with you as long as you are serious about using his service and aren't simply window-shopping or web-surfing.

Credentials are important. Don't hesitate to review the operator's operating certificate, safety record and/or insurance policy. If your company has unique insurance policies, discuss them.

Ask the operator for customer references. Once you get them, use them. Call these customers and ask them questions about their business dealings with the operator. You should be able to get a quick sense of whether or not they are happy with the services that they have been provided.


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