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Choosing an Airport

Scheduled airlines use fewer than 500 airports across the country. And 80% of their flights are between only 22 of the major hubs. Charter operators use those and nearly 5,000 more, so chances are good that one is closer to your point of departure or arrival than the closest metropolitan airport—not to mention less crowded. Before you even begin to experience the convenience of flying by charter aircraft, you can make your business and personal trips simpler just by flying in and out of an airport nearer to you. You may be surprised to learn how many airports are in your own hometown. With literally thousands more arrival and departure points available, air charter travelers can significantly reduce time getting to and from the airport.

Many of the airports available to general aviation are private, although nearly all are available for public use. They have been selected on the basis of runway length or services that may make them practical for the purpose of charter travel. The air charter operator you select will be able to assist in choosing an airport, since determining the suitability of the airport becomes their responsibility once they have filed an actual flight plan.

And that's only part of the timesaving. General aviation terminals are designed for the comfort and convenience of a small number of travelers. They take security as seriously as big terminals, but you'll never find a line of 100 passengers waiting at a metal detector in a fixed based operator (FBO). Chances are you'll be the only person in line. You may or may not find a lounge with comfortable chairs, a TV and magazines while you wait for your flight crew to pick you up. Chances are they'll be waiting for you.


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