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Catered meals are the most common amenity on-board flights of more than an hour. Some of the better-equipped and larger jets can accommodate on-board cooking. Aircraft smaller than ten-seat capacity are not equipped to handle this. Advance coordination of this service will be necessary for anything much more complicated than drinks and pretzels or coffee and doughnuts. But you "own" the aircraft while you have it, so you are entitled to request something special.

The most important precaution to bear in mind is that bringing food onto an airplane is not another form of take-out. Because several hours can elapse between preparation, transportation to the aircraft, re-heating, and service at cruising altitude, meals treated like ordinary take-out can spoil and endanger the health of passengers and crew.

An operator or broker can help you to coordinate with a knowledgeable in-flight caterer, who can provide a meal of the highest taste and quality safely. Make sure that they are aware of any dietary restrictions. If you're picking up food from your favorite restaurant, let them know if you won't be eating the food right away so the chef can plan and package your meal appropriately.

Savvy in-flight caterers can also supply the services of event planners. If your family or business party is traveling around a holiday or celebratory event, ask your caterer for some ways to make the trip part of the festivities. Birthday cakes, holiday decorations and special activities can all be ordered ahead and ready for your trip. With some creative planning, your holiday celebration doesn't start when you get to your destination, but as soon as you step on-board your charter flight.


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