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Descibtion and Choices of Aircrafts 

Business Jets

Business Jet (sample) These range in size from 7-person jets like the Learjet 35A to the Boeing Business Jet that is based upon the 737 airliner. Most, however, seat 6 to 9 people and operate over distances of a few hundred to 1,500 miles.   The premier travel choice, today’s corporate jets also ferry cargo, customers, and mid-level employees for companies of all sizes. All save time and money by using business aircraft to avoid parking, security and baggage problems, airlines delays and their congested hub-based route systems. Turbojet (jet) aircraft comprise 55% of all business & charter aircraft.

Passenger Capacity: up to 14 (some are accommodating more)

Jet Airliner

Jet Airliner Jet airliners are capable of carrying large groups of people or heavy cargos on medium to long-range flights. The wide variety of jet airliner types encompass diverse performance characteristics. Smaller jet airliners are designated “regional” and are best suited for mid-range domestic transport, while the largest jet airliners can carry hundreds of passengers over thousands of non-stop miles. Jet airliners are powered by two to four jet engines and typically feature pressurized passenger cabins for added comfort, safety and performance. Jet airliners can be either executive configured, featuring multiple berths, lavatories, a gym, shower, meeting room or study, and other luxurious appointments; or economy-configured like a commercial airliner to maximize passenger capacity. While the majority of jet airliners are used for scheduled service, many are available for charter through charter companies, brokers and charter divisions of major airlines.

Passenger Capacity: 25 (VIP config) - 500+

Turbo Props

Turbo Prop aircraft These airplanes use a gas turbine (jet) engine, coupled through a transmission, to drive the blades of a conventional propeller. They combine the reliability of a jet engine with the short takeoff and landing performance of a propeller-driven airplane. Many have two engines. Yet, due to the incredible reliability of today’s turbine engines, a growing number use only one turboprop engine mounted on the nose. Turboprops comprise 21% of business & charter aircraft.

Passenger Capacity: up to 30

Multi - Piston engine

Piston Multi engine aircraft These airplanes have two or more piston engines using propellers to drive the airplane. They offer more speed and performance than most singles, cost more to buy and operate, require advanced training and a special FAA rating to fly, and offer the redundancy of a second engine. They comprise 8.6% of the business & charter fleet. Pilots who are certificated (licensed) to fly these planes will have a multiengine land rating (MEL).

Passenger Capacity: up to 8 pax

Single - Piston engine

Piston Single engine aircraft As their name implies, these craft have one piston engine, usually mounted at the nose of the airplane using a propeller to drive the airplane. At 8.5% of the business fleet, but 68% of all general aviation, singles comprise the largest population of aircraft in the US. Pilots who are certificated (licensed) to fly these planes will have a single engine land rating (SEL).

Passenger Capacity: up to 5 pax

Business Aviation Facts 

  • Business aircrafts and private aviation have access to almost 6,300 public-use airports in the US, compared to the 558 served by the scheduled air carriers. NBAA 2003
  • Corporate/executive aviation and business aircraft operators have compiled the best safety records of any segment of general aviation. NTSB/Breiling Assoc. 2003
  • General aviation includes all aircraft not flown by the airlines or the military. Business aviation, one of the most important segments of general aviation, consists of companies and individuals using aircraft as tools in the conduct of their business.
  • Business aircraft operated by companies usually are flown by two-person, professionally trained crews whose primary, if not exclusive, responsibility is to fly company aircraft. Some smaller operators of business aircraft, especially business people who pilot their own aircraft, typically use one pilot to fly piston-powered machines.
  • Air charter activity in the US increased steadily the last few years.
  • Business aviation is now mainstream. Most companies and high-net-worth individuals are aware of the advantages of business aviation: increased productivity; control over travel itineraries; improved response to customers; enhanced safety, security and confidentiality; and increased time for work and personal activities.
  • Of company employees traveling on board business aircraft, only 14 percent were top management. Louis Harris Poll, 1997
  • Business aircraft passengers felt they were significantly more productive aboad business aircraft than they would be even in their own offices. Louis Harris Poll, 1997
  • Although the majority of business aircraft are owned by individuals or companies, businesses also utilize business aviation through arrangements such as chartering, leasing, fractional ownership, time-sharing agreements, interchange agreements, partnerships and aircraft management contracts.
  • Of all the benefits of business aircraft, increased productivity of personnel is probably the most important. Companies that fly general aviation aircraft for business purposes can control virtually all aspects of their travel plans. Itineraries can be changed instantly, and business aircraft can be flown to thousands more destinations than are served by the scheduled airlines.

What we can do for you... 

We can find you any type of aircraft - a small 4 seat Aircraft, a Helicopter, Executive Jet, or a luxury VIP Jet right up to a Jet Airliner - Air Freighter. there are virtually no limits as what services available even in the remotest areas on this planet.

CharterAgency has access to hundreds of aircrafts world wide which enables us to make fast arrangements with high quality aircraft charter operators.

Submit your requirements to us and we will take care of your trip!
Email to : travel@charteragency.com or submit your request in one of our continent related forms

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