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Air Charter Agency.com - worldwide Aircraft Charter, Business Jets, Corporate Jets, Airplane Charter
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Private aircraft charter - The benefits 

Comfortable, Flexible, Efficient...3 simple words to descibe this beneficial solution of air travelling.

BUT Charteragency provides more...Professionalism, Luxury, Firstclass onboard amenities, and the list goes on...

Our Vision 

To reveal to our clients - the Flexibility, Affordability, Safety and Convenience of private aviation travel. To educate those unfamiliar with aviation so they understand, and value, the extensive travel options, time savings and excellent safety record available with private aviation. Providing superior private air charter aviation services to get the client to recognize it as a viable, and in many cases clearly better, option compared to the commercial airlines or other travel forms.

Our Mission 

As a personal concierge, act in the customer’s best interest in researching, scheduling and arranging door-to-door private aviation travel with the customer’s optimal mix of flexibility, convenience and price.

Benefit from our Experience 

React quickly, perform world-class service, finding the best solutions and remain committed is our strenght and specialty at Charteragency.
As we only use the most reputable operators we are able to provide you with the safest service available and always try to meet your requirements to your utmost satisfaction.

Furthermore the peace of mind that results from complete control over the aircraft flown, passenger and baggage manifests, pilot quality and training, aircraft maintenance, and operational safety standards, is substantial.


Meeting the people Whether you need an aircraft for an one-off flight, or a series of scheduled public or private charters, we will locate the most suitable aircraft for your individual needs. We arrange a wide variety of charters for corporate shuttles, incentive programs, affinity groups, sports and entertainment events, industry conferences, cargo logistical missions, heads of state, government missions, and last but not least just alternative flight to scheduled airline operations to ensure you will be there on time.

Charteragency will have your aircraft ready for your use within hours of your first call. We will help plan and implement all aspects of your trip; including special catering, ground transport and other unique aspects of your request.

Key Advantages 

Why charter with Charteragency as a professional or business owner?

  • Improve Your Quality of Life - Attend multiple meetings or visit various locations in one day. Enjoy the evening at home, find yourself sitting on the bench during a little league game or in the audience for you child's play or a first recital. Take in the theatre, a game of golf, tennis, or watch your favorite team at bat at the park or simply on television.

  • Increase Productivity - Control your time away from the office or plant. Meet three customers in one day instead of one. Bring a group of customers or outside personnel into your office and send them home at the end of the day.
  • Private charter puts you face to face with your customers or personnel quickly. Get in, make the deal and be home before your competitors can get off the ground!
  • Research indicates that employees feel the working environment of a business jet is 15-20% more effective than the same time spent in the home office.
  • Reduce "Travel hassles" - being as productive as you can without any stress and pressure.
  • Air Charter provides security, confidentiality, safety

Charteragency is offering high profile and quality air charter solutions which suit your budget as well as your preferences. We pride ourselves to have instant access to more than 6500+ aircrafts world wide. Our extensive network of partners and affiliates around the globe enables us to make fast arrangements; sourcing and using high quality aircraft charter operators. Please give us the opportunity to prove what we are promising - you will not regret it!

Submit your requirements to our headoffice and we will take care of your enquiry by responding within hours of you initial contact.
EMAIL TO : travel@charteragency.com or submit your request in one of our continent related forms

Enquiry Form click here


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